Heart of Gold

Pebble Isle Marina Fire & Rebuild

We came into Pebble Isle Marina and saw that they had a fire. Randy was on the dock to meet us and he was hobbling around with one foot in a cast. He had some major foot surgery in January and has been a long time in recovering. He told us the fire happened March 13, 2006. They are also in the midst of moving into another home. Things just seem to be piling up on Randy and Tammy. But they seem to be holding up well. Randy has a golf cart that he uses to get down to the docks from their temporary office.

Tammy gave me these pictures so I could put them on the website.

Randy and Tammy are already rebuilding and have plans to be better than ever. They are even going to rebuild their famous light house top! They are at mile 96 on the Tennessee River and could sure use your support. Stop in and wish them well. You could also send them an e-mail of support at pebbleisle@waverly.net